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Successful Career or Family: How About Both

Paula Marie Paula Marie
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Family Career Balance

The Family-Career Balancing Act

Are you a successful business person and a parent? If you answered yes, I understand how difficult this can be. Trying to be a great parent and chase your dreams of success may seem impossible at times. This is a tricky balancing act to achieve a healthy family career balance.

Work-Life Balance Lies

As a recovered workaholic I know how easy it is to choose career over family, this is typically not a conscious choice rather it is a story that you tell yourself the story goes something like this “ when I get caught up at work I will spend time with my family" or “ My job is demanding and I have to work this hard to be successful” or "I don’t have time for a vacation”. The problem is that all of these things are lies. The years tick by and the lies continue.

The truth is that it does not have to be this way. You can be successful and have time with your family by following simple time management guidelines.

Don't Let the Years Slip By: Change Your Priorities Now

A couple of weeks ago I was on vacation. I was sitting by the pool and reading I could not help but notice a family in the pool they were splashing around and laughing both Mom and Dad were playing with the two kids they were all having a great time. Both parents were present and engaged. I thought about my own child and how I interacted with her at that age, the truth is I did not interact at all I was the one at the pool on the phone or on my laptop the entire time.

My heart was heavy, and a sense of loss overcame me even after all these years tears were stinging my eyes. Though I have been a recovered workaholic for many years now and am living a life I never dreamed was possible the pain still runs deep. Why? Because I cannot ever get those years back. The moment by the pool is gone. I cannot remember the phone call I was on it doesn’t matter, but that day when my daughter was a young child splashing in the pool waiting to laugh and have fun and make memories with me is what I do remember as a loss in my life.

A New Set of Work-Life Guidelines

My new book Kick Ass and Have a Life is a survival guide for workaholics or anyone looking to better manage career demands with quality family time. I wish with all my heart someone would have handed me this book many years ago. I am passionate about this book because I do not want you to make the same mistake. It is an easy one to make.

Be present for your children and family and for yourself. Your job will be there, but your children will grow up so fast. Treasure the opportunity to create memories with them now.

Be the mom or the dad at the pool playing with your kids with no phone or computer in sight!

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