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Paula Marie - Find out more about Paula and her story.

Paula Marie

About The Author

Welcome! I'm glad you're here. A little bit about me - I'm a published author, realtor, and speaker. My personal journey has been a mix of challenges, growth, and valuable lessons that have shaped my perspective on achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

More About Me

Life is busy for all of us, and time management can be a struggle when our careers take center stage, causing relationships, health, and happiness to suffer. When we reach this point, it's time to make a change. 

I would love to share the strategies and tools I've discovered to transform my life. I learned the hard way that time is our most precious asset and should be treated as such. Shifting your mindset can also play a significant role in creating the life you desire.

My mission is to guide others in living a vibrant and rewarding life, free from the constraints of overworking and settling for less than they desire. I believe that life is short, and time is our most valuable resource. It is indeed possible to have a flourishing career and a life that you love. By managing your time effectively, acquiring new skills, and embracing a mindset of gratitude and manifestation, you can create an extraordinary life that you can be proud of.

If you're prepared to embrace this journey of self-improvement and explore the path to a bold and rewarding life, I look forward to connecting and sharing my books and resources with you!

See you on the inside,

Paula Marie

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"Life is all about balance and it’s even more important when it comes to work life. This book holds a valuable message for the workaholics who never take a breath or realize that life is passing them by. The solution is simple and broken down into easily achievable baby steps. Such an important message in today’s society!"

– Lawlessness

"I loved this book! It has helped me develop the tools I need to focus on the areas of my life I have been neglecting. Paula Marie is so relatable, and her success story is so inspirational! I appreciated the author's openness about her struggle with time management and her path to success. I finished this book feeling focused and motivated!"

– Amazon Customer

This book is a great read! Finally an open and honest insight into the day to day issues with time management and how to “have a life”. Definitely recommend this book and hoping another one is on the way!

– Tina