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More About Paula Marie Books

After losing many years of my life as a workaholic and sacrificing everything to reach success I realized that being successful is so much more than money and material things. I created a system by implementing 8 toolboxes and a completely new mind set that allowed me to be financially and emotionally successful. If I can save one person the sorrow and lost time I experienced as a workaholic this book is a success!

I love to read. I am a quick reader devouring books as though I may run out of time to read everything. I enjoy all sorts of genres including self-help, suspense, women's fiction, women's thrillers and many others. I have always been drawn to self-help and have read hundreds of self help books. Some of my favorite authors are Eckhart Tolle, Gina DeVee, and Brene Brown.

Great Question! Yes, I still have to work at staying healthy in this area of my life. The difference now is that I recognize the behavior immediately and stop and apply the first toolbox and start the program over as though it were the first time I have used it. Workaholism is an addiction just like any other addiction and you are never cured and and don't have to think about it anymore, you have to be aware and do the work everyday. The cool thing is it gets easier the more you do it!

I decided to publish my book under my Pen Name of Paula Marie in order to keep my book separate from my real estate career. I have written two other books that are of the fiction genre. As a successful realtor my name is very active on the internet and I did not want to confuse that part of my profession with my writing.

How to use Kick Ass and Have a Life

Great question! No, you do not have to purchase the planner to use the toolboxes but it is an excellent tool! The Kick Ass Planner is designed to enhance and simplify the toolboxes and to keep you on track. Some people may choose to use a calendar on their phone to implement the toolboxes. I love planners and that is why I created the Kick Ass Planner to simplify the everyday use. Whatever works for you is perfect!

I recommend that you start with the first tool box "Time" apply it to your everyday life by implementing this one tool you will transform your life. After you have added this routine to your life add the second toolbox and so on. If you try to use all of the toolboxes at once you may get overwhelmed.


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