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"Travel not to escape life but so life does not escape you"
~ Unknown

Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.
~ Dalai Lama


Don't have time for a vacation?

Are you that person that is on your laptop at the beach?  

The Travel toolbox is a sacred treasure chest reserved for vacations!

Learn how to vacation and NOT work.

The more you vacation and recharge
the more successful you will be!

Hard to believe, maybe, but true!


Imagine a vacation - With No Work.

Not one email, not one check on your phone, imagine being totally present for your loved ones and family.

The vacation toolbox is designed
to help you do just that!

Create memories that you will cherish
forever by being fully present.

You deserve to relax and recharge. You do have time.

Life is so short and vacations are one of the rewards
we can give ourselves for working so hard.

You will be glad that you did!


Turn off the phone and your laptop. Throw on your sunglasses and get ready to indulge in a " real" vacation.

The kind that other people talk about.

Get ready for the Vacation toolbox!

Powerful tools that help you plan
and take a vacation!

Never work on vacation again!

Vacation like the rock star that you are!

Explore All The Tools You Need To Live A Kick Ass Life

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