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My Motivation for Writing Kick Ass And Have A Life

Paula Marie Paula Marie
4 minute read

Kick Ass and Have a Life

Motivations for Creating the Kick Ass and Have a Life Concept

After losing fifteen years of my life to the workaholic lifestyle, I developed a system to change the workaholic lifestyle and, in the process, was able to find true happiness.

The belief system that many people have is that if you work hard and put your career above all else, eventually, you will find success and therefore be happy. Unfortunately, for many people, that desire becomes the sole focus of life, and in the process, relationships, marriages, health, and happiness are lost. Money is important, but it can't be the end all be all.

My new book Kick Ass and Have a Life teaches people how to be successful and have a balanced life. This book is a must-read for anyone caught up in the workaholic cycle or anyone looking to improve work-life balance.

Are you ready to escape the fog of being a workaholic or just feeling like you have no time for the the important things in your personal life? If you relate to any of these feelings, then get ready for a powerful read that will change your life!

8 Powerful Toolboxes Packed With Real Life Solutions

I am so excited to share the fundamental life tools I use daily to live a rewarding, happy, and Kick Ass Life! Workaholism is an addiction that slowly steals your time, happiness, and, ultimately, your life.

You deserve so much more, and the time to reclaim your time and your life is now!

The Secrets to Extraordinary Living

Unlock the secrets to extraordinary living! Yes, you can be successful and have the life you have always dreamed about. Not just any life but a Kick Ass life! This is the book you've been waiting for! Learn how to escape the grips of workaholism and create a balanced life using eight powerful tools to manage your time and fill your life with the things that are important to you. Take control of your life and happiness by applying the eight life-changing toolboxes shared in this book. Then, start living the life you so richly desire and deserve.

You Can Achieve Work Life Balance

Do you feel like you're always working and never have any time for the things you love? If you're ready to take back control of your life, Kick Ass and Have a Life is the book for you. This transformational guide shows you how to have a successful career while also making time for your family, friends, and personal happiness. You deserve to live a life you love, and Kick Ass and Have a Life holds the key to making that happen. Discover how to create balance in your life without sacrificing your career goals, and finally start living the life you've always wanted.

If you feel like your life is not living up to what it could be, then the Kick Ass System has the answers for you. I share raw and inspiring examples that will motivate you to embark on a journey toward success in your life and career! I have been on a journey of discovery for many years. I reached society's definition of “success", and realized that money isn't everything but that our most valuable resource is time!

Time Management for the Things that Matter

In Kick Ass and Have a Life, I share eight powerful tools to transform your life. Having spent years lacking proper time management skills, I now enjoy a well-rounded life of success and time to enjoy those things that really matter. I love to share my emotional journey and the tools you need to free yourself from a future of workaholism and create the life you have always wanted.

Order your copy today .... your best life is waiting!

Paula Marie is a published author, successful realtor, and entrepreneur. Paula's mission is to empower others to manage their time and mindsets to live an extraordinary life! With Paula's eight powerful tools and life planning strategies, you can create the life you truly desire.

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