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8 Toolboxes with life's
most important skills

Are you ready to finally be present in your life and prioritize the things that truly matter? Explore eight toolboxes that show you how to create a future where you are able to fully engage with your loved ones, prioritize self-care, and have the time and energy for your favorite experiences.

8 Powerful Toolboxes

Imagine taking vacations without the weight of work hanging over you, making time for regular exercise, and spending more time with family. It's time to start living the rich, fulfilling life that you deserve. With the 8 powerful toolboxes in Kick Ass and Have a Life, you'll learn how to make it all possible.

Work Life Balance

The Time Toolbox

Time is your most precious commodity. When you learn how to manage your time you can manage your life. In the Time Toolbox you will learn how to master your time and in the process transform your belief " I don't have time".


The Sex Toolbox

In the beginning stage of relationships sex is the best. Over time it is easy to allow your career to dominate your time and to stop prioritizing your sex life. Sex & intimacy are key to staying connected. In the Sex Toolbox you will learn how to keep this crucial area of your life alive and to remember how good sex can be!


The Vacation Toolbox

What if you could go on vacations often and not work? Well, you can and you should. In fact, it is required if you want to kick ass at a higher level. In the Vacation Toolbox we learn how. This is one of my personal favorites!


Twenty Years Toolbox

What if you had a crystal ball and could glance into your future. What would you see? In the Twenty Years Toolbox we explore this concept. This is a powerful visualization tool that will change your future!


The Exercise Toolbox

So, You don't have time to exercise? We all have the same amount of hours in a day to spend on the things that matter the most. The Exercise Toolbox provides powerful concepts  shattering the belief system that is holding you back from not making time for exercise.  You will change your life one step at a time.


The Sleep Toolbox

Is sleep your friend or your enemy? When you are working too much and moving at record breaking speed it is difficult to slow down and rest, not to mention sleep. In the Sleep Toolbox you will learn how to use specific tools to change the way you think and feel about sleep, and yes you  will finally get some restful sleep!


The Hobby Toolbox

What do you like to do for fun? When I was a workaholic this was a  tricky question. I had no hobbies and I had no fun. I knew this was abnormal and this question always brought up that awkward twinge in my soul that I didn't want to address. In the Hobby Toolbox you will learn how to add a hobby to your life and you may be surprised what you find!


The Friends Toolbox

A true friend is a blessing that shouldn't be ignored. When you are working too much, you are most likely not keeping in touch with your friends. How can you when all you do is work? In the Friends Toolbox you will remember just how important your friends are and learn how to apply effective tools to reconnect and stay connected.


Manage Your Time
and Reclaim Your Life

The Kick Ass system provides the methods and tools you need to make time for the things in life that really matter!


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