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Overcome Your Fears

Paula Marie Paula Marie
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Face Your Fear

Fear is the Mind Killer

When you hear the word fear, what comes to mind?

Fear is a universal emotion that we all experience. Some of us experience fear more than others but no matter how you slice it fear is a part of life that we must accept.

This article will discuss the way fear affects us and some things we can do to combat it. Don't let fear control your life, your mind, and steal your joy!

Some Ways Fear Shows Up

The following are some ways in which fear affects us:

  • Fear of rejection: This happens when you put yourself out there. Maybe you are interviewing for a new job, going on a first date, or meeting with a new client. The risk that you may not be accepted or "liked" can trigger fear.
  • Fear of failure: You got the job, the new client, or the love interest, but now the risk that you may not live up to the task is looming in the distance.
  • Fear of success: Yes, that's right, success. Maybe you're kicking ass in your career right now, and money is flowing freely. You should be jumping up and down on your new mattress, but there is a feeling deep down that it can't last. This is just too good to be true.

There are more examples of fear, but these are some of the most common situations we deal with daily. What if you could control your emotions and not allow fear to interfere in your daily life? I believe that you can!

Kick Fear to the Curb

Here are some thoughts on how to kick fear to the curb!

  • Own it: Become objective about the emotions you're experiencing, as if you were looking at someone else, and observe them so you can better understand them.
  • Ask yourself: After you have observed and accepted that you are feeling fearful, ask yourself, "is there anything I can do to be more prepared in this area? If it is a job interview, have you done your research and prepared? If it is fear of failure, think about how far you have already come and remind yourself of the difficult things you faced and achieved.
  • Remind yourself that you are a badass!
  • Write it down: Write down ten great things about yourself. You can do this! It can be as simple as I am a good mom, I am honest and always give my best, or I am a rock star and smart as hell. Whatever comes to mind, write it down. Writing it down will remind your subconscious how awesome you are.
  • Accept & Understand: Understand that fear is part of life, and being human, accepting this may help you to stop beating yourself up.
  • Affirmations: Read positive affirmations every day that remind you how awesome you are! You are working on yourself and getting better every day.

Fear cannot stop you or hold you back. You may have moments of fear but know that you can and will overcome those emotions.

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