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Vintage 60 Minute Hourglass Timer

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Take a break during your work day, this unique Hourglass is a great way to be reminded to step away from your desk after sixty minutes, stretch and reset. You will be more productive when you take breaks.

  • Rotating Design: The hourglass has two-layer rotation, you can easy to 720° adjust the angle as you want. By flipping sand glass, you will get 60 minutes of uninterrupted workflow that encourages increased productivity for people of all abilities.
  • Retro Design: The giant brass-tone 1-hour sand timer is made from Premium Zinc Alloy, matched with the stylish bronzed process, the texture is natural and realistic. 
  • Accurate Time: The hour glasses with sand 60 minutes have achieved the highest quality ±5% industry standard in the USA. The solid 60 min hourglass can help you to follow up on the work easily, and to prevent the fatigue caused by overtime working.