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Smart Workout Mirror Home Gym

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No need to leave your house for a kick ass workout! It is all right here in The Mirror!

  • Real-Time Form Feedback + 30-Day Membership to Popular Fitness Classes Including Strength, Boxing, Yoga, Cardio Sculpt, Pilates, Barre, HIIT & More
  • PERSONALIZED TRAINING FOR YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY. Fitures innovative Motion Engine technology tracks key movement points on your body to provide real-time form feedback and correct your technique, improve your workout, power seamless gesture controls, and reduce the risk of injury.
  • FITNESS CLASSES YOU'LL LOVE from elite instructors available on demand. Explore popular classes including Strength, Boxing, Yoga, Cardio Sculpt, Pilates, Barre, HIIT, Stretching, Meditation, and more. Customize your workouts, learn new skills, and find workouts that fit you.
  • A HOME GYM THAT FITS YOUR HOME. Turn any room into your fitness studio with FITURE's tiny footprint, sleek design, and five stylish colors to match your space.
  • TRACK PROGRESS AND STAY MOTIVATED. Chase your goals with rep counting, pacing, and more from FITURE's Motion Engine technology, and see your progress with in-class leaderboards and global challenges.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED. No need to buy costly accessories or give up your favorite gear. Enjoy unlimited access to everything FITURE has to offer for up to seven users on one family-friendly flexible monthly membership.
  • SIMPLE SETUP. Complete the easy installation and let the Fiture app seamlessly guide you through the setup process.


Product Description



  1. With Motion Engine cues

    Fitness classes you'll love

    Enjoy popular classes including Boxing, Strength, Dance Cardio, Yoga, Barre, HIIT, Pilates and more.

  2. Just raise your hand

    Seamless touch-free controls

    Flip through classes, start a workout, trade high fives and more— all powered by the Motion Engine.

  3. Use your Bluetooth gear

    Everything you need

    Your flexible monthly membership includes everything Fiture has to offer for up to seven users.

1 Workouts for everyone 2 Touch-free controls 3 Everything you need
  1. Make any room your studio

    A home gym that fits your home

    Suit your style with the five distinctive colors of Fiture Core or the compact Fiture Mini.

  2. Find your favorites

    Learn all the right moves

    Sign up for programs and collections to let our instructors guide and inspire your workouts.

  3. Compete with your friends

    Find your motivation

    Earn points as the Motion Engine guides and tracks your workout to jump up the leaderboard.

1 Fits your home 2 Stay on target 3 Track your progress
  1. Motion Engine technology

    Work out with your Fiture to learn the moves and earn points with our Motion Engine technology.

  2. Work out anywhere

    Use Fiture Go to play your favorite classes on your mobile device and follow along.

  3. Chase your goals

    Set your schedule, track your stats, and see your progress in the Fiture app.