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Pottery Starter Kit

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Are you ready to try a new hobby? Pottery is an excellent choice!  The Pottery Starter Kit will give you a jump start.

Carve, sculpt, and paint your way through our Pottery Starter Kit.

Packed with everything you need to dive into the world of pottery, whether that is starting a new hobby!

1x Pottery Starter Kit contains:

• White Air-Dry Clay
• Pottery Tool Set
• Set of Paint Brushes
• 1x White Acrylic Paint
• 1x Clear Gloss Varnish
• 6pc Colour Paint set of your choice (optional)
• A Pottery Beginners Guide

1x Kit is more than enough fun for up to 2 people, 2 kits for up to 4 people etc

🧱 CLAY – One Pottery Kit kit comes with of British Premium White clay which is enough for 1-2 people to make a few pieces each. The special clay can be air-dried at home, with the ability to paint your pieces within 24-48 hours.

🛠️ TOOLS – Included in this DIY Kit. Custom wood and metal carving tools are needed to shape, decorate and perfect your clay creations.

🎨 PAINT – A vibrant selection of premium paints are included as options in the Pottery Kit Kit to make sure you can style your creations YOUR way. Mix the paints to create the perfect colors! We made sure to include enough paint for all your creations instead of just a small pack to slightly decorate.

⚪ WHITE & VARNISH – This Kit comes with white paint which can be used as a foundation and a bottle of Varnish/Sealant provides an extra layer of protection and a glossy finish.

👩🏼‍🎓 LEARN – Our Kit comes with A Pottery Guide, so you can get clay making straight away! It provides instructions on pottery building and joining techniques, how to use each tool, and includes access to videos that’ll guide you through making your first pottery masterpieces Perfect for beginners & adventurers!