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Kick Ass and Have a Life Book/Planner Combo - Special Promotion

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Don't miss this incredible opportunity to get your hands on the game-changing book, Kick Ass and Have a Life, and its accompanying Life Planner at a discounted price!

Our Special Release Sale offers a 25% OFF discount on this dynamic duo, which is the perfect way to kick off your new year's resolutions.

The Kick Ass Life Planner is an essential tool for getting your life in order and reaching your goals, incorporating the eight key areas of your life described in the book into your daily and weekly schedule.

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Paula Marie

Paula Marie

Author & Speaker

Kick Ass and Have a Life
Book & Life Planner

By using the life changing techniques described in the Kick Ass and Have a Life book in conjunction with the powerful organization and goal setting  layout in the Life Planner you will harness the power of the Kick Ass system and truly begin to live an extraordinary life!

Learn how to create a balanced life using the eight powerful tools described in the book along with the easy to follow scheduling methods in the planner to manage your time and fill your life with the things that are important to you.

Take control of your life and happiness by applying the eight life-changing toolboxes shared in the book and put into full motion using the planner.

In Kick Ass and Have a Life, Paula shares eight powerful toolboxes to transform your life. Having spent years as a workaholic lacking proper time management skills, she now enjoys a well-rounded life of success and time to enjoy those things that really matter.

She shares her emotional journey and the tools you need to create the life you have always wanted.  Your best life is waiting!

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Author & Speaker

Kick Ass and Have a Life
"The Book"

Welcome to Kick Ass and Have a Life, the ultimate self-help book for transforming your life and taking back control of your time. Written by Paula Marie, this book is based on her own experience going from workaholic to work-life balance and shines a light on the strategies needed to make it happen.

Within its pages, you'll discover eight powerful tools to help you escape the clutches of workaholism and create the balance you need to be successful and happy. These include effective time management techniques that will assist with prioritizing tasks, such as setting deadlines, delegating responsibilities, automating repetitive processes, and removing distractions. You'll also learn how to shift your mindset away from constantly "doing" towards living in the present moment and nurturing relationships with those around you.

On top of this valuable advice, Paula also shares her personal journey throughout the book, which includes emotional lessons she has learned along the way. She offers plenty of motivation for readers looking for an inspiring voice to encourage them on their journey toward success and happiness. With Kick Ass and Have a Life, you can finally live the extraordinary existence you deserve - free from stress and overwhelmed feelings!

In addition to teaching practical methods for achieving work-life balance, Kick Ass and Have a Life provides a whole host of other helpful tips too. Topics range from learning how to recognize unhealthy patterns of behavior that lead us astray, to understanding how we can use our resources more efficiently without compromising quality or our core values. It's also packed full of real-world examples that will help readers see themselves in many different scenarios so they can apply these life-changing strategies in their own lives effectively too.

Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary - if you're ready to take control over your life, then order your copy of Kick Ass and Have a Life today! You'll learn invaluable concepts that will provide both immediate and long-term results, helping you break out of old habits while creating new ones that will serve you well into the future. With Paula's wise guidance at hand, it truly is possible to achieve real work-life balance - so don't hesitate - start living the life you've always wanted today. Let's get started. Your life is waiting!

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Author & Speaker

Kick Ass and Have a Life
"The Life Planner"

The Kick Ass Life Planner is not only a Planner; it is a game changer! The perfect tool to manage your time and transform your life. This life-changing planner provides an ideal combination of structure, organization, and inspiration so you can stay on track with your goals and reach success in both your career and personal life.

Unlike other planners, this one has eight unique toolboxes based on the eight key areas of life described in its companion book - Kick Ass and Have a Life. Each page is tailored to your specific needs and includes daily and weekly schedules that provide tools to help you stay organized. The un-dated format allows you to start planning at any time—so you can go at your own pace!

Go beyond simple structure by incorporating inspiring elements into your planning with The Kick Ass Life Planner. Experience increased productivity as each toolbox helps guide you toward the life you’ve always wanted. Get organized, be inspired, and finally, take control of how you want to live your life.

This planner makes it easy for anyone who wants to unlock their full potential—no matter where they are in their journey! With every flip of a page comes greater clarity about what’s important in life, so you can set yourself up for success with every task or goal that comes along. Plus, The Kick Ass Life Planner offers ample room to jot down notes from meetings or brainstorming sessions—allowing you to capture those valuable moments when they strike!

No more procrastinating when it comes to achieving the goals that will bring joy into your life! The Kick Ass Life Planner gives you the tools and resources necessary to manage your time to allow for a successful career and time to enjoy life, improve your relationships and your health, and plan for your future. Take charge of your future today with this revolutionary planner that helps put all aspects of success within reach!

The Life Planner includes:

~ A Four-Year Calendar
~ Important Dates Section
~ A Vision Board Section
~ Instructions on using each Toolbox to transform your life
~ Undated calendar with daily/weekly goals and Toolbox Legend
~ Monthly Undated Calendar
~ Weekly Undated Calendar
~Monthly Review
~ Inspirational Quotes
~ Notes Page

And much more!

Don't let another day go by feeling overwhelmed and unable to reach your potential. Take the first step towards a better tomorrow by ordering the Kick Ass Life Planner and start living the life you desire and deserve.

With each turn of the page, you'll be creating your future and making progress toward your goals. Order now and start turning your dreams into a reality!

8 Powerful Tools to Manage Your Time & Transform Your Life

Unlock the Secrets to an Extraordinary Life 

Author Paula Marie knows firsthand what it feels like to lose your life to work. Society sends the message that if we work hard eventually it will pay off. Well, it turns out that if all you do is work everything else will be neglected and there will be no payoff.

We cannot be truly successful if we aren’t taking care of our self and allowing time for our family and loved ones. The loss that we face by losing precious time is more expensive than any amount of money. It's priceless! Reinvent the meaning of success under your own terms and finally find the true success you have been chasing all along.

8 Tool Boxes To Transform Your Life

Imagine being present in your life and showing up for your children, spouse, friends and for yourself. Imagine taking vacations and not working at all on the vacation. Imagine exercising and taking care of yourself and your health. If this sounds unrealistic because you are just too busy, think again! It is time to rethink what is possible!

Kick Ass and Have a Life is the guide to living a balanced and fulfilled life. Success is more than money, it is making it to your child’s school play, having time to celebrate your best friends birthday, treating your body well with food and exercise, having the time and the energy for sex and so much more. Success is Kicking Ass and having  a  life, and this book is going to show you exactly how to do just that!


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