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COOL ON-THE-GO Solar Powered Fridge-Cooler

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Experience the convenience of cordless, battery-powered refrigeration with the COOL ON-THE-GO Cooler Fridge Freezer and Solar Panel bundle. Whether you're on a road trip, camping, or just need an emergency backup cooling solution, the LiONCooler has you covered. Keep your food and drinks super-chilled without the need for ice! With cordless battery power and the ability to recharge via 12V car outlet, wall outlet, or solar panels, this compressor-powered fridge is an essential for any outdoor adventure or power outage situation.

Key Features:

  • 52 Quart Freezer Capacity (approximately 62 cans)
  • 10+ hour Battery Life
  • Bluetooth App Control
  • Solar Panel, Car, and AC/DC Charging
  • Quiet LG Compressor
  • Interior Light
  • USB Device Charger Output (5v 2.1A)
  • -4°F Freezing
  • Extendable Luggage Handle
  • 6’’ Wheels

The Details:

The Cooler Fridge is the only battery-powered, cordless 12V portable fridge on the market. It's ideal for van life, RV, marine, BBQ, camping, and emergency preparation. The cooler has a 52 quart freezer capacity, with the ability to hold approximately 62 cans. Its quiet LG compressor ensures your food and drinks remain chilled without any distracting noise. Use the extendable luggage handle and 6" wheels for easy transport.

The bundle includes the Cooler fridge with an additional spare X200 battery, a folding 120W solar panel, and a charging kit with AC/12VDC/Solar power cords. The cooler fridge has Bluetooth app control, so you can monitor and adjust the temperature from your phone. With a 10+ hour battery life and USB device charger output, you can stay powered on the go. The included solar panel allows for charging via solar power, adding to its versatility.

The Cooler Fridge Freezer and Solar Panel bundle comes in a sleek gray color. Its dimensions are 25 in. x 17.25 in. x 25 in., and it weighs 55.5 lbs.