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Paula Marie

Paula Marie is an author, successful realtor, entrepreneur and a former workaholic. After losing many years of her life as a workaholic she created a system that finally allowed an escape from the workaholic grip and yet she made more money than ever before! After years of trying to find happiness in material things while neglecting time with family and her well-being Paula finally realized that she had to make a change. In her new book Kick Ass and Have A Life Paula shares her secret of "true success". Yes, you really can have it all!

About The New Book

Kick Ass  and Have A Life is all about having a life that is fulfilling. It  is about making time for your family, relationships, friends, health, sex  and hobbies and still reaching your career goals.  If my story can spare one person the loss that I experienced as a workaholic, then it makes all of the work I have put into writing this book worth it.  I know first hand that you really can have a rewarding  life and a kick ass career. When I was a workaholic I didn't believe this. I truly believed that if I didn't work "all"  the time that I could not be successful. If this resonates with you  and you are ready to reclaim your life and your time  this book is for you!

In Kick Ass and Have A Life you will discover the truth that will change everything. I can't wait to share my story and formula with you to help you create the life you desire. Not the life that you " thought" you wanted, but the one you really want!  Stay Tuned, Paula Marie

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