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Sex Matters!

Sex is like exercise the more you do it the more you want to do it. I find it interesting how sex evolves in relationships for example in the beginning of a relationship when everything is new and good sex it at its peak, it is exciting and new you are learning about each other and both partners are presenting their best self.

As the relationship progresses and both people start to relax the sex begins to naturally die down and is not as frequent. Now, I realize that there are exceptions to everything and if you are one of the rare sex gods that has no idea what I am talking about then this article may not be for you, besides you are probably busy.. having sex. For the rest of us mortals read on.

I believe that sex is really important in keeping couples connected and yet it is so easy to lose touch in this area ( pardon the pun) have you ever noticed that if you’re not having sex with your partner they may irritate you more than usual, little things they do may start to grate on your nerves, you may find that you are impatient with each other. If you are having sex on a regular basis those things may not seem to matter as much. This is fascinating to me and proves how important the physical connection is.

Here are some thoughts on how to stay connected with your significant other physically and therefore more emotionally connected:

1.  Schedule time to connect- I share specifics about this in my upcoming book- Kick Ass and Have A Life this may sound simple, but it is not, or you would already be doing it.

2.  Start with a time to touch without having sex, a massage is an excellent way to reconnect. You can purchase your own massage table and give each other a massage, this is a great way to connect without any pressure to have sex.

3.  Connect by touching in simple ways throughout the day, a simple kiss, hug or holding hands. Physical touch is powerful especially now with the world we live in many of us are feeling isolated and lonely.

4.  Have sex even if you are not in the mood. Just like exercise you may not really be up to it but once you start you will start to feel better and hopefully be glad you did!

5. The more the merrier, once you have revived your sexual energy build on it and have as much as you can, the more you do it the more you will want to!

6. Try new things to keep the sex alive. Role playing, new positions, etc.

In the sex toolbox in Kick Ass and Have A Life we will learn how to implement specific tools to change our belief about sex and intimacy.

Stay Tuned,

Paula Marie