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How can you find time to exercise?

I tried to avoid the image as I walked past the large mirror. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize the imposter that caught my eye. The extra twenty pounds around my waist and dark circles around my eyes must belong to a stranger.I tried to ignore the fact that I hadn’t exercised in six months. Every day I repeat the same lie “I will start working out tomorrow,” “I don’t have time today.”

We all have the same number of hours in a day, yet some people somehow manage to find time to exercise every day and, some of yet us can’t find the time, no matter how hard we try. When I was living in the grips of the workaholic lifestyle, I believed that there was no way I could work out; I could barely find time to take a shower. I was too busy to work out, and I believed that people that worked out had more time than me; their job wasn’t as demanding as mine. The truth is exercise and diet just weren’t a priority for me. Work was my priority, and everything else didn’t matter. Period. That is the sad truth, which is why the mirror image was so painful.

Now, I know that exercise is one of the most important things in my day; I can achieve more and therefore be more successful by taking care of myself. I am more productive, not to mention I feel comfortable in my skin. There is nothing worse than feeling bad about yourself because, in your heart, you know that you have the power to change this, and you’re not doing it!

If these words resonate with you, the good news is that You can change the story you are telling yourself right now! You can rewrite the words on the page. You can change your belief system about exercise. Start slowing by doing something, anything to move your body, take a walk around the block for ten minutes, Stretch at home, ride a bike, walk on the treadmill, Take a weight lifting class, just do something, and when you do tell yourself that you have time and are doing a great job! Be kind to yourself. Speak to yourself as though you were talking to a friend.

Exercise will change your life with each step and lift of the weight. You are reprogramming your mind by telling your subconscious mind that you are important and deserve the time to exercise and to prioritize your life.

Stay Tuned,
Paula Marie