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Did You Get The Memo?

by Paula Marie

I Got The Memo! Did You?

Paula Marie
November 12,2021

 Friday morning started like any other day; I sipped my coffee and scanned my computer. Then, I checked my calendar and remembered I have a mammogram appointment today. Ugh.

 I have been putting this appointment off for too long to be exact it has been six years. I usually keep up on this sort of thing, but I fell behind and lost track of time.

 I have always been healthy and have never had an issue with mammograms in the past, but still, I was not looking forward to it. The appointment seemed to go well, and I was relieved to get out of there. Finally, I can check this off my to-do list. I was done until next year. I went on with my day and forgot about the appointment.

It was Friday evening, and I was getting ready to log out of my computer for the day when a message came in. “New Test Result” is available in your portal. I quickly logged in my result from the mammogram was already posted. That was fast!

I quickly scanned the results certain  that it would say “see you next year,” But instead, it said,” we need you to come back for more imaging” My heart dropped, my hands began to shake, and my heart started to pound. WTF? I have never had an issue before?! I just went through this with a recent health scare when my DR. suspected ovarian cancer. I cannot believe this is happening to me again!

The next few days were the worst; I could not sleep or concentrate on anything. I was waiting to get a follow up appointment. The final result was I do not have breast cancer. This turned out to be another false alarm. Another reminder. I was ecstatic and prayed with gratitude.

I feel like God has been reminding me that life is short and that I can run out of time at any time. That life is not a rehearsal, and I should not take one day or one minute for granted.

I looked up at the sky and said, “I got the memo” I do not need any more reminders. I know that I have wasted so much time. I spent my thirty ’30’s and  40’ s as a workaholic that time is gone, wasted; now I know that was a mistake—a massive loss of time and lost memories. 

I am done wasting time. I am done pretending that I have “Time” to do the things I want to do “later.” I got the memo!

  Then it hit me. Did you get the memo?  I want to make sure that you got the memo too.  

The memo is attached.

 Stay Tuned,

 Paula Marie 


 Dear__________________ (add your name here)

 After much consideration, I am implementing several changes.

 These changes are effective immediately.

 1. You are not permitted to worry about things you can’t control. So please do your best, and then let it go.

 2. You are required to take time off from work. Stop working and have dinner with your family, with a friend, or by yourself; the critical thing is to unplug in the evening, have dinner, and switch gears. You are not allowed to work all day and night. This includes taking time off on the weekend. You must take at least 2 hours a day off from work and do something that you enjoy, even taking a nap.

 3. Spend Thirty minutes a day on exercise; you can do anything that involves moving your body.

 4. Plan a vacation and take your vacation and when you are there, you must unplug and be present. Dream of the places you want to go and see, add them to your bucket list, and make it happen!

 5. Identify a hobby and spend 2 hours a week enjoying your hobby.

 6. Stay in touch with your friends- Schedule time to meet up once per month.

 7. Plan for your future by creating the memories that you would like to see. Write them down and place them in a keepsake box.

 8. Rest and sleep well. I know this is easier said than done but make this is a priority.

 9. Make time for physical touch. Take time for sex or physical touch with your spouse or partner or get a massage, facial, or something that connects you physically with others. Set a goal to allow 2 hours per week for physical touch. Start with one hour per week.

 You are required to enjoy your life. By implementing these steps, you will be prioritizing your life.

 Every day is a gift, and your reality can change in an instant.

 So don’t wait for the call that changes everything. You can create your future right now!

 You are strong, kind, and committed to success. However, you are working so hard and not taking enough time for yourself.

 You put everyone else’s needs above your own as though you don’t matter. This is no longer allowed. You deserve to be treated with the same level of importance, love, and respect that you give your career. Implement this new behavior immediately. Failure to apply this mindset and action will result in serious consequences.

 Please sign this document as confirmation that you have received this memo and agree to the terms. Then, store this document in a safe place, starting with your subconscious mind.